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To maintain the highest level of quality, DATACOM ensures that every company installing our products is well-trained and has the proper technical support system integrators must be fully trained in installation practices and thoroughly know industry standards and trends to become a DATACOM Certified Parnter (DCP).

The DATACOM Certified Partner (DCP) Status emphasizes to the client that the required high level of proficiency has been reached.
We require that a minimum of 2 engineers from an organization have passed our 1 day training courses to gain DATACOM Certified Partner(DCP) Status for that company/organization.

  • DATACOM Certified Installer (DCI) certificate will be awarded to successful individual participants.
  • DATACOM Certified Partner (DCP) can carry out testing of their own DATACOM Cabling System Installations
  • DATACOM Certified Partner (DCP) can apply for a System Performance Warranty – 25 Years on Installations of DATACOM solutions
  • Approval status improves company profile
  • Ongoing technical support for all DATACOM products.
  • DATACOM Certified Partner (DCP) Certificate to display.
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