• Category : Fiber Optic, PLC Splitters, 19'' PLC Splitter,
  • Part Number : DC-PPL-19-FO-232SA7, DC-PPL-19-FO-232LA7
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Datacom 1URack mount SC/APC, LC/APC splitier provides a compact solution for FTTH application. The Datacom Rack Mount splitier ensures network reliability and superior performance. PLC splitiers are based on Planar Lightwave Circuit technology with precision alignment. They split or combine light from one or two input fibers and multiple output fibers uniformly over a wide spectral range with ultra-low insertion loss and low polarization. The LC/APC splitier is equipped with PLC as per the FTTH requirement or enterprise cabling application. Datacom Splitiers ensure good uniformity and low insertion loss and low polarization dependent loss.


  • FTTX Applications.
  • Telecom (indoor).


  • Rack Mount Fiber Panels provide a flexible system suitable for managing fibre terminations, connections, and patching in all types of applications.
  • The enclosure can serve as a transition from backbone cabling to distribution switching in telecommunications rooms or an interconnect to active equipment in server cabinets or switch racks or can be specified for interconnect use in a main distribution area or horizontal distribution area.
  • This panel is specifically designed for indoor applications.
  • Splitier Panel provides excellent Environmental Stability.
  • Fast and easy front access to all splitier ports, Bi-directional performance with accurate split ratios.
  • Guaranty Low Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD).

Standards Compliance

  • Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209
  • TIA-568.3-D
  • TIA-604-3, FOCIS-3
  • RoHS

Ordering Information

Datacom 2:32 SC/APC PLC Splitter Module in 1U 19” Rack Mount Panel. > DC-PPL-19-FO-232SA7
Datacom 2:32 LC/APC PLC Splitter Module in 1U 19” Rack Mount Panel. > DC-PPL-19-FO-232LA7

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