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  • Part Number : DC-O55F-15U6565SW-AC
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DATACOM outdoor cabinet which can protect customer’s equipment’s from damage and extreme weather conditions, vandal ism, dust, rain, snow and dripping water. The cabinet is an ideal solution for physical connections of outdoor telecommunication equipment, transmission equipment, power equipment, monitoring equipment, lithium batteries and other supporting equipment. Both active telecom equipment and passive telecom equipment can be accommodated inside the cabinet. Cabinets are available with integrated thermal management using air conditioner to control internal temperatures to protect sensitive equipment.

DATACOM offers IP55/IP66 rated floor standing equipment Cabinets. Cabinet sizes are Customizable ranging from 9U internal space to 46U special height sizes. External size is 650x650mm with a base of 200mm. The cabinet is made with Galvanized steel with 20mm thermal insulation. The cabinet has a 200mm base + side panel, a hinged door with a lock. The rear door is filled with air conditioning. DATACOM outdoor cabinets are made of Galvanized steel thickness of 1.5mm – 2.0mm single Construction. Cabinet is equipped
with 2 sets of 19” profiles for equipment mounting.

Air condition units can be configure depends on the size of cabinet and heat load requirement, cooling capacity range from 300Watts to 3000Watts.All Cabinets are constructed of Strong anti-theft ability, embedded door, inner hinge three-point lock, supporting additional pad lock.


  • Outdoor cabinet is widely used in telecom operators’ mobile Telecommunication sites.
  • Outdoor Small Shelter.
  • Railway Electrical Control Cabinets.
  • Electronic Police.
  • Communication Base Stations.
  • Outdoor Air Detection Stations.
  • Solar Control Cabinets, etc.


  • High protection grade: IP55.
  • Strong anti-theft ability, embedded door, inner hinge three-point lock, supporting additional pad lock.
  • Cooling system is installed on cabinet, convenient for maintenance, cleaning and replacement.
  • Comprehensive protection: door sensor, smoke sensor, water sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, etc.
  • Support remote management, improve security and minimize customer’s operation cost.
  • Compact structure and easy maintenance AC Unit.
  • CE Certified.
  • Surface treatment outdoor powder painting to anti-corrosion.
  • Support Modbus RS485 communication.

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DATACOM Outdoor Cabinet 15U Internal Height 600×600 depth , Steel Galvanized, Single wall, with 200mm Base, Top Cover,IP55 Rated fitted 500W cooling unit (220V,1Phase). > DC-O55F-15U6565SW-AC

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